From a $300 client project to 7-figure business |

From a $300 client project to 7-figure business

A self-described accidental entrepreneur, Ellen landed her first client a month into the job search and decided she’d never submit another resume again. Ellen profitably bootstrapped her business growth, scaling that initial $300 client project into 7 figures in revenue; a milestone only 2% of female founders ever achieve, and one that feels especially momentous as a first-generation Asian American. She has helped over 9000 entrepreneurs with her membership and courses, and has been heard by individuals in over 100 countries through her podcast, the Cubicle to CEO Podcast.

Here’s what we’re covering in this episode:

  • How Ellen scaled from her first $300 client to growing to 7 figures in revenue
  • What a marketing plan looks like to hit $10k months without posting every day or needing a large audience
  • How Ellen has managed to transition from one person to building a team
  • How to conduct effective networking and build meaningful connections

Connect with Ellen:

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