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hey, i'm elise!

You’re an expert and, believe it or not, you've got a unique voice.

The missing link? Words that sell (minus the sleaze) ...AKA copywriting.

Because what the marketing gurus failed to tell you is that without the right words, your brilliant offer isn’t going to sell. 

That’s where I come in... laptop in one hand, sparkling rosé in another - because it’s about time you had words that actually convert.

Shall we pop the cork and take a sip?

yes way, rosé!

COPYWRITER, educator & chief ROSÉ TASTER

lillian gordon

reading copy that sounds more me than if I had written it myself was like magic!

pia beck, curate well co.

Elise so beautifully captured our brand in the copy she wrote. I read every line and I'm like, "YES! That's exactly what we stand for. That's who we are." 

george bowden

i got 6 weddings booked in one week. this does not happen, well not in one week!

hannah wolt

I am so freaking excited to launch my new website. It now feels true to me!

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