hey, i'm elise!

i help you find the words that make you the first (and only) choice for your dreamiest of dream clients.

i hate to admit this but...

I used to hustle 24/7 for sales. I would constantly post in Facebook Groups, say yes to anyone and everyone, and then stay up all night working. I desperately wanted to make an impact but I was stuck wasting time working with the wrong clients who didn’t pay me what I was worth. The tipping point? A dream trip to Tuscany with my husband... except I was chained to my laptop - red wine in one hand, laptop in another.

It wasn’t exactly what I'd imagined entrepreneurship would look like as I daydreamed from the confines of my windowless office in corporate PR 3 years prior. I thought I’d left my near 6-figure job to “be my own boss.” After all, entrepreneurship is meant to mean freedom, right? But instead of being in control of my life, I felt trapped. A slave to my to-do list, chained to my laptop, and at the endless beck and call of crappy clients...

i had to make a huge change

I realised that in a year’s time, I didn’t want to work with tire-kicking clients who were always shopping on price. I wanted to be the number 1 choice for my dream clients so I could get paid what I was worth, make consistent income, choose my hours, and actually spend time with my husband! I thought if this is what I want, then I had to figure out how to become the number 1 choice for my dream clients so I never had to pitch myself in a Facebook Group ever again.

...so i created my signature system

My Dream Client Attraction System has not only worked for me but it’s helped tons of other entrepreneurs become the number 1 choice for their dream clients. I was able to book clients for 4 x the price I used to, grow my income from $1,600 a month to nearly $8,000 a month in six months…And finally feel free when I walked away from my laptop to live a life that didn’t revolve around my business. I designed my dream business that didn’t require hustling 24/7 for sales.

it's your turn



Are you ready to become the number one choice for your dream clients with copywriting that converts so you don’t have to waste hours posting on Facebook Groups or hustling in the DMs? Let’s do this!

lillian gordon

reading copy that sounds more me than if I had written it myself was like magic!

pia beck, curate well co.

Elise so beautifully captured our brand in the copy she wrote. I read every line and I'm like, "YES! That's exactly what we stand for. That's who we are." 

george bowden

i got 6 weddings booked in one week. this does not happen, well not in one week!

hannah wolt

I am so freaking excited to launch my new website. It now feels true to me!

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How to become the number 1 choice for your dream clients

Find out how to get tons of leads and prospects to choose you over competitors and get them to pay wildly more money for your offer than anyone has ever paid before - in just 50mins.