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15 steps to writing a high-converting sales page

If you’ve ever created a course or some kind of digital product, you’ve probably tried your hand at writing a sales page for that offer before, my guess is that it may have gone a little bit like this:

  • You’ve snooped around the internet to see what your competitors’ have written and how others are structuring their sales pages
  • You’ve pieced together bits and bobs inside your website platform, trying to bring it all together
  • And then you launch… to crickets… which leaves you wondering “why is my sales page not doing the job it should be doing for me?” 😫

Here’s why your sales page may not be converting:

1. Messaging

This is usually the no. 1 culprit when it comes to your sales page not converting. Is your messaging based on your observations of your customer or is it based on language your customers actually understand and connect with?

2. Structure

Is your sales page structured how it’s meant to be structured? Your sales page shouldn’t just be random words on a page telling your reader why they should buy your offer. When done well, a sales page should take your customer on a journey from where they are currently to where they want to be so they understand why your offer is actually important.

15-Step Sales Page Structure

1. Qualifying statement

Qualify who your offer is for and let them know that they are in the right place.

2. Headline

Paint a picture of the transformation your client desires by asking them a big question or making a bold statement.

3. Why it hasn’t worked before

Speak to the current circumstance they are in. What does it look like? What does it feel like? What thoughts are going through their mind? Remind them that they are here, looking at your sales page, because everything they’ve tried before just hasn’t worked!

4. Deepest pain

Paint a picture of the time they experienced their deepest pain point. You could list a few pain points, or you could share one tangible example in detail.

5. Biggest desire

Paint a picture of the perfect scenario – what life would look like if they had the thing they actually wanted.

6. Shift beliefs

For your dream client to hand over money and buy your offer, you need to shift some beliefs! There are probably some beliefs they have right now that are holding them back from action. If they hold on to these beliefs, they’ll never be able to get the transformation they want. So you need to come in as the guide, list the beliefs, and bust them! Plus, include testimonials that specifically support the belief shifts you’ve outlined above.

7. Create buy in

Remind them that the transformation they want is possible for them. Plus, highlight the other amazing benefits (side effects) they’ll get when they take advantage of your offer.

8. Your story

Include the right story (a relatable story!) that positions you as the go-to expert who is going to guide your customers to success. This is where you can inject plenty of your personality!

9. Testimonials

Include more testimonials that specifically speak to the points you’ve made above. These may be testimonials that speak to how much of an expert you are, or how you’ve specifically helped someone get the results they wanted.

10. Offer reveal

Explain what your offer is and reiterate what the transformation is. Plus, remind them who the offer is for and why you created it (to help people like them!)

11. Inside look

If you have a course, this could be as simple as breaking down every single module. If you’re writing this page for a service, it could be breaking it down into the different steps that happen in your service. Make sure you outline what the transformation is for each section of your offer (blow their mind with the value!). Include information about any bonuses and outline the payment options with checkout links.

12. Guarantee

Disclaimer: Throwing a guarantee onto your sales page will NOT solve all of your problems. It can actually create more problems. 😉

Guarantees are one of the most widely read sections of a sales page, and they will help if they are done well (key words: done well!) The trick to a successful guarantee section is to get really specific with the details of your guarantee and how it benefits your customer. What can they expect? Why is your guarantee special? How is it different from any other old 30-day guarantee?

13. FAQs

This is NOT a section for you to include all of the random questions you’ve received about your offer. This is your opportunity to bust any objections your customer has about buying your offer. Of course, you can address frequently asked questions, but the key here is to get inside their head and bust those objections!

14. Who this is perfect for

List out all the reasons why your offer is perfect for your reader, or why it’s not. If there’s a particular customer you want to attract, speak to them! But if you want to repel others, make it clear. This is also an opportunity to highlight any prerequisites to finding success with your offer.

15. Final appeal

Remind them that the transformation IS possible for them, and that your offer is the PERFECT solution for them. Tell them that if they are ready to start, you are ready to help them with your offer.

Learn more about how to write sales pages

Well, there you go – those are the exact 15 steps I use to write high-converting sales pages for my clients. I also teach this method in depth inside my program, The Copywriting Academy. If you’d like more, you can listen in to my podcast episode on this topic where I go into a bit more detail and provide examples for each section. If you want to learn about my sales page in a day service, you can do that here. If you want to learn about how to write sales page copy (and the rest of your website copy) so that it positions you as the no. 1 choice for your dream clients, you can learn more in my free, on-demand training here.

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Thanks for reading this post! I hope you found it valuable. As always, I’d love to hear your thoughts. DM me on Instagram let me know what you found most helpful or surprising about writing a sales page!

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