How to attract dream clients with Instagram |

How to attract dream clients with Instagram

Are you ready to stand out on the ‘gram so you can finally reach your dream clients?

I thought so.

But here’s the thing: Selling on Instagram is so much more than posting a pretty pic with a Lightroom filter you bought from a blogger – it takes strategy.

Read on for 4 tips to become the number 1 choice for your dream client.

1. Know who you’re talking to

Yes, yes, yes… I know you’ve heard this a million times before. But that’s because it’s pretty important. If you don’t know who you’re talking to, you’re going to be talking to anyone and everyone… which means you’ll attract no-one. And if you’ve got no clients, you’re not going to be able to pay the bills. (Eek!).

So get specific by defining exactly who your dream client is. But don’t settle for random guesswork. Get inside your dream client’s head by talking to them! You can find out a lot about someone by having a simple conversation via email, in the DMs or on the phone. Try it.

2. Write captions that convert

Once you’re acquainted with the thoughts that are buzzing around your dream client’s head, you can confidently write words that will actually convert (*praise hands*). Instagrammers are scrolling fast, so you’ve only got a split second to grab their attention. So first thing’s first, you’ll need a catchy headline to draw them in.

Here are 4 keys to writing a killer headline:

  1. Make it useful for the reader (your headline should reveal that the rest of the caption will provide value).
  2. Provide them with a sense of urgency (use time-sensitive words like today, now, etc).
  3. Be specific (if you’re talking to women, use the word ‘lady’ or ‘girl,’ if you’re talking to business owners, specify with the words ‘business owner’ or ‘entrepreneur.’
  4. Convey your main idea in a unique way (your headline should summarise the main message that you want your audience to take away from your post. Do this in a unique way by staying true to your brand voice).
  5. Use emojis! (They draw eyeballs to your post and help convey your message through imagery).

Follow with a catchy story…

This should be something that your dream clients can see themselves in too. Remember, you’re writing for them. 😉

Invite your audience to reflect

Include questions that turn the conversation back on your dream client. For example, “Maybe you…” Or “Can you relate?” Or “Do you remember a time when…?”

Hook them in with a compelling call to action

This is the secret sauce that makes your engagement pop! EVERY single caption you write should include a call to action, which is simply an invitation for your readers to talk back to you.

This DOES NOT have to be a pushy call to action like… “buy our thing, “give us your email”or “share our account with everyone you know.” Your call to action should be asking your followers to do something that makes them feel good, helps them engage with their friends, or reaffirms their beliefs or goals. It should be an action your followers ENJOY taking!

Here’s what you could say:

  • Tag three friends to share the message.
  • What do you think about ___?
  • What are you up to this weekend?
  • What is your favourite thing about ___?

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3. Grab their attention with show-stopping images

Words are powerful. But if you don’t have an image that grabs your dream client’s attention, they’re not going to pause to read what you have to say. I’ve tested a lot of different types of images over the past 5 years, and I’ve found a few types that work the best:

High quality images of yourself.

This is a no-brainer. By showing your face, you build the know, like and trust factor with your dream clients – and that is everything when it comes to sales.

Sassy quotes

These have been the HIGHEST performing posts on my Instagram account and the ones that have brought the most new follows.

Check out the first post. 55% of the accounts it reached weren’t following me, and it got 257 shares. With the second post, a whopping 61% of the accounts it reached weren’t following me – hello, exposure!


Educational infographics

This has been my new favourite type of post. Posting this type of content positions me as an expert to my current audience and to a new audience. They generate a lot of saves, as people reference them for later. The first post got 139 saves, the second 89, and the third a whopping 161!


If you want to fancy up your feed with stunning images that convert, I recommend checking out Templates by Stefanie. These are really easy-to-use customisable Canva templates that’ll grab your dream client’s attention in an instant.

Stef also has a membership, which gives you access to new Canva templates for your IG feed and Stories each month!

Here’s a sneak peek! 😍


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4. Hang out in the DMs

If the Instagram feed is your champagne welcome then the DMs are the three course meal with exquisite wine pairings to suit… 😉 This is where you can understand a potential client’s struggles and ultimately show them how your offer can help them create the transformation they desire. My favourite way to start a DM conversation is by following up with people who have responded to my Instagram Stories, whether they’ve voted on a poll, submitted feedback or simply replied! From there, I ask them about their copywriting and see if I can provide a solution to the problem they are having.

Hot tip: Use voice memos when DMing – it makes the process so much quicker and more fun! Plus, your new friend will appreciate you making the effort to provide such a personal response.

There you have it – 4 hot Instagram tips that’ll help you become the number 1 choice for your dream clients. I’d love to hear from you. Comment and tell me what resonated the most with you? What tip are you going to implement this week?

– Elise

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How to become the number 1 choice for your dream clients

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