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14 self-care tips for the busy boss

Do you ever struggle to slow down? I sure do. I’m the kind of girl who will go, go, go until I’m exhausted and burnt out. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you stay awake until midnight studying, or constantly take your work home at the end of the day, or maybe you’re always on the go – seeing people and doing things – that you wind up with zero time for you.

But here’s what I’ve learnt: You’ve got to make time for you otherwise you’ll wind up burnt out, exhausted, grumpy, and no fun to be around! (This has been me more times than I can count!)

I’ve learned I need to take time for myself by myself to fully unwind and reset. I’ve learned that it’s OK to spend time alone – not connected to anyone, even by social media (gasp, that’s a lot for this extrovert!). And I’ve learned that when I’m looking after myself, then I can give my best to my business, and I can show up well for my husband, family and friends.

If you’re struggling to know how to pause and look after yourself, here are 14 ways you can show yourself care.

1. Read a book

I love getting lost in a good book. I usually have a few books on the go at any one time. I like reading books that help me grow in my faith, that teach me new skills when it comes to business and entrepreneurship, and that give me guidance in my finances.

2. Go for a walk

As much as I enjoy going for a walk with others (because we can chat), I always feel relaxed after taking a walk with my dog, just the two of us! She doesn’t say a whole lot, so it leaves plenty of space for me to think. Sometimes I listen to a podcast, other times I pray, and other times I just take in my surroundings. It’s amazing what you notice when you don’t have any distractions.

3. Workout at the gym

This is my go-to activity for self-care because I love to get moving, especially after an entire day of sitting at my desk! Sometimes I work out with a friend but other times I just take a class by myself. At the moment I’m loving my RPM class (cycling), because I can easily follow the instructor without having to think too much. I always feel refreshed and happy after this class. Honestly, even in the hardest part of the class I’ve usually got a big smile on my face, because of those wonderful little things called endorphins!

4. Journal

This is something I’ve done on and off throughout my life. It’s nice to be able to get my thoughts out of my busy mind and onto paper – whether it’s jotting down new ideas or simply reflecting on the day or week that’s been.

5. Spend time in worship and prayer

Every morning I spend time reading my bible, praying and listening to worship music – usually with a cup of coffee in hand! I also write notes in my journal and write down prayers and things that I’m thankful for. This is my favourite way to start the day. It helps me focus on God and gain his perspective before I get into my work.

6. Spend time in nature

One of my all time favourite things to do is spend time at the beach. There’s something about the smell of fresh, salty air and the sound of the waves pounding the shore that makes me feel so relaxed. I’m thankful that the beach is only a 10 minute drive from where I live. But if you don’t live near the beach, simply getting out in the fresh air will do the trick – whether it’s a local park, by a lake or a hike in the mountains. There’s so much of nature to enjoy.

7. Take a bubble bath

I love love love taking bubble baths. It’s just the most lovely thing! Unfortunately we don’t have a bath at home (one day, I hope!) but whenever we go on holidays or away for a night or two, my prerequisite for accommodation is that it has a bath. Because a girl’s just gotta have a good soaking from time to time!

8. Cook something healthy and tasty

If you enjoy cooking, find a recipe for a healthy and delicious meal and spend time making it. You’ll learn a new recipe, have food prepped for the next couple of days, and be able to recreate if for your next dinner party.

9. Do a face mask

While it’s important to look after your insides, you’ve got to look after your skin too. Treat yourself to a face mask and get your skin feeling good!

10. Create something new with paint or clay

While I probably won’t be making any masterpieces anytime soon, I enjoy playing around with art. It’s fun to learn a new skill, and there’s just something so soothing about painting or molding clay, am I right?

11. Grow indoor plants or create a herb garden

Always wanted to have an indoor jungle of your own or pick herbs fresh for your dinner from your own garden? Now is the time to start. Set aside a day to learn about the process, shop for your plants and set them up.

12. Buy yourself flowers

Don’t wait for that someone special to buy you flowers, grab some for yourself. Flowers brighten up a room and bring a spark of joy to any environment. Head to your local flower shop and grab a bunch of your favourites. While you’re at it, you can always grab an extra bunch to gift to a friend later.

13. Visit your local farmers market

Spend the morning at your local farmers market, shopping for fruit and veggies for the week ahead. Have a chat to the store holders and learn about where their produce comes from – you’re bound to learn something new.

14. Watch the sunrise or sunset

There’s nothing as peaceful as watching the sunrise on a new day or the sunset on the day that has been. I’ve got to admit, I’m not an early riser. I’m trying to change this habit, however, and am adding this to my personal list of things to do!

If you enjoyed these tips, share this article with a friend. Comment and tell me one thing you’re going to do to look after yourself.




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