Your theme is the #1 reason you can't grow your Instagram account

You spend hours pouring your heart into creating content for your Instagram account.

But if you're completely honest with yourself, your Instagram theme makes you cringe - it's disjointed, messy and downright unattractive!

And if it makes you cringe, there’s no doubt it makes others cringe as well - as fast as they're flicking on to your page, they’re flicking off.

And you’re missing out on precious followers.

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Theme Your Feed is the step-by-step course that will show you how to create an Instagram feed that magnetically attracts your dream followers!

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"Before this class, my Instagram feed looked like a mess and I was feeling really bad about it. After taking this course I understood exactly what I should be doing with my feed, and life was much easier with all the tools Elise recommended using!"

- Melis Gumus, small business owner & jewellery designer

In Theme Your Feed, I give you complete access to the proven step-by-step strategy that I use to theme my accounts, and attract my dream tribe on Instagram.

Take a look at the themes I've created for my own accounts:

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I know you've got questions...

How do I create a theme that my audience will love?

How should I theme my account to make sure it flows?

What colours do I use?

What types of images should I be posting?

How do I take Insta-worthy photos?

What do I do if I don’t have time to take photos for my feed?

I know it can be overwhelming when it comes to curating a beautiful theme that attracts your dream tribe.
But don't worry - I'll help you every step of the way.

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Creating a cohesive Instagram theme isn't magic.

>> It's not rocket science either.

>> But it's not something you can just 'fluke'.

I believe you're 100% capable of creating a beautiful theme that attracts your target audience on Instagram and has them clicking that 'follow' button within seconds.

All you need is access to the right strategy.


what you will learn:

Theme Your Feed includes six in-depth lessons that take you through everything you need to create the perfect Instagram feed that attracts your dream tribe within seconds.

Having a beautiful theme that reflects your brand, biz or blog is key to magnetically attracting your target audience.

Let's make sure your first impression is a lasting one.

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Theme Your Feed

Lesson 1: How to craft a killer Instagram bio 🙋🏼

Lesson 2: The types of images that attract engagement 👯

Lesson 3: How to take beautiful pictures 📸

Lesson 4: Where to find images if you can't take them 🔦

Lesson 5: How to create a theme that converts prospects into raving fans 🎉

Lesson 6: Apps and tools to make sure your feed flows 💦

PLUS worksheets, checklists & cheatsheets, including...

The Ultimate Theme Checklist + Theme Inspiration + Editing Guide 📝

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Now is your time to Theme Your Feed on Instagram

Let’s do this!

I’ll see you inside!


I've grown my Instagram accounts from 0 to 65K+!

One of the key strategies I used to grow my Instagram account was by being strategic with my THEME.

By implementing a unique theme & strategy, I grew @sheislight by 23,000 in around 12 months - & it’s currently a community of 40,500+ women!

Elise Hodge
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"I have known Elise since the beginning when @sheislight only had 100 followers! Since her early days on Instagram, Elise has always grown by the HUNDREDS weekly and even more monthly! It was always so encouraging to watch as an outside perspective because she truly knows what she is doing"

- Carly Hartman, Founder of Picks With Purpose, Pageant 360

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"It's been amazing to see Elise literally flourish on Instagram! I have seen her She is Light account since the beginning stages and I'm blown away at the large following she has created. Not only have I seen her following organically grow but I'm amazed at how she's been able to create such a authentic and intimate community online!"

- Mandy Kota, Twnty Something

Instagram before
Theme Your Feed

  • You’re struggling to attract your target audience.
  • Your feed is a mess!
  • You have no idea how to take the right images.
  • You’re stuck on what content to post.
  • You feel uninspired and ready to throw the towel in.

Instagram after
Theme Your Feed

  • You’re capturing your audience with a killer first impression
  • Your theme magnetically draws people to hit the ‘follow’ button
  • You know what types of images to post
  • You have a clear strategy for posting
  • You’re planning out your posts in advance - saving precious time and energy!
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When you join Theme Your Feed, you'll get:

  • An entire system for creating a beautiful theme on Instagram
  • 6 in-depth video lessons
  • Cheatsheets, checklists and worksheets
  • Theme inspiration + editing guide
  • Lifetime access

You'll be guided step by step by someone who has built beautiful themes on Instagram that have people hitting the 'follow' button within seconds.

Frequently asked questions

+ Can I start the course at a later date?

Of course. This is a self-paced program. There are no live or time sensitive elements except our live group calls, but you'll have access to the replays to watch at your convenience. You can work at your own pace and there is no set time you need to start.

+ Will I be supported?

Absolutely. I understand just how important community is. If you have any questions - please don't hesistate to send me an email at hello@elisehodge.com.au and I'll be glad to respond.

+ If I pay with the payment plan, do I still get access to everything?

Yes! Even if you choose the payment plan, you get access to EVERYTHING in the package you choose. I do not hold back content for anyone on payment plan. You get access to everything, no matter which payment plan you choose.

+ Will this course continue to be updated? And will I get free access to future versions?

Yes! I will continue to update, improve and add to this course. When you enrol now, you will receive access to improvements and future versions of this course for the duration of its lifetime.

+ How do I know this will work for me?

Honestly, I can’t guarantee anything. That wouldn’t be fair or legal. But I can tell you that this step-by-step themeing system worked for me, and other people I've mentored through it. It requires work. It requires you to care about your results. It requires your commitment. I walk you through all of the strategies, you just need to follow through and do your part.

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What happens when you enrol now:

  • You will receive an email confirmation right away, which will include the log in details to the private course site which will be waiting for you.
  • You will then have lifetime access to the course and the community!

I offer a 14-day refund policy. You may request a refund for up to 14 days after you purchase the course.

This refund policy is designed to give you 14 days to try the system, get acquainted, and learn! If you do the work, put in your best effort, and feel that I haven’t delivered on my Theme Your Feed promise, I will issue a 100 per cent refund.

I ask for the evidence of your work, as I only want students who are willing to be present in the course and actually do the work. I am giving my 100 per cent effort to provide the best and most effective learning environment possible, and want you to have the same high standard. You owe it to yourself to give it your best! 

When you join Theme Your Feed, you're acknowledging that you agree to these terms.

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