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everything you need to write a 6-figure-generating (and personality-packed) sales page


If there was a step-by-step system for writing a 6-figure-generating sales page

...without staring at a blinking cursor for hours on end (or second guessing how to structure it!)

Would you finally feel excited to send people to your sales page (100% confident that it'll actually convert?!)

Here’s why anything short of a proven structure for writing your sales page just isn’t going to cut it....

No matter how much you try to avoid it, you HAVE to write about your offer.

question is...Do you know what you’re doing?

Because if you know, without a doubt, that you’re just winging it, throwing words on a page, and *hoping* someone will buy, or you’re already dreading the 10 hours it’s going to take you to write one sentence...

Then keep reading…

Because what I’m about to tell you could be that “thankkkkk goodness” moment you look back on a few weeks from now when you’re waking up to Stripe notifications from all of those purchases that came in while you were fast asleep... *ding*!

But first… 

The realisation that changed EVERYTHING...

You’ve probably experienced this before... Maybe even dozens of times.

It’s 9pm, the night before your all-anticipated launch.

You’ve got red wine in one hand, a half-drunk cup of coffee on the desk beside you, and a blank Google doc in front of you.

You take sip after sip, hoping the words will just *flow*... 

Sound… all-too familiar?

In my mind, there’s nothing worse than staring at a blinking cursor for hours on end… especially when your sales page copy needs to be ready, like, YESTERDAY. 

It can make you feel like hyperventilating into a plastic bag or chugging yet *another* glass of red. ;)


your freakin' amazing offer is locked in and ready to go.

But you can’t even seem to string one darn sentence together in words that sound more YOU than the stuffy email you used to send from your corporate cubicle all those years ago. And the LAST THING you want to do is sound sleazy or generic (bleh, gross!).

The comforting thing? You’re definitely not alone. 

I say that because I’ve talked to tens, if not hundreds of other business owners just like you who feel so damn stuck when it comes to writing their sales page. 

It’s the reason why, as a data-driven wordsmith (aka conversion copywriter), I’ve been soooo freaking determined to help them go from staring-at-a-blinking-cursor pain to writing their sales page copy with ease… even if they don’t call themselves good writers (more on that in a sec). 

But before you can become one of the coveted success stories and write your very own 6-figure-generating sales page without staring at that dreaded blinking cursor, I need to clear a few things up...

With alllllll the endless effort, hours and money you’ve put into creating a life-transforming offer for your clients...


With the amount of hours (gasp, hundreds!) you’ve spent testing, building and selling your incredible offer, you deserve to be able to make sales every single day without the painful sales calls, never-ending DMs & back-and-forth emails...

You deserve to have dream clients choosing YOU and only you (because your words are written to actually convert). 

You deserve to step into your role as CEO rather than having to think up new ways to market your offer alllll the time.

You deserve to wake up to Stripe notifications and client applications because you’ve got a sales page that actually does the selling for you (heckkkk yes!). 

In a moment, I’m going to show you how to FINALLY write a high-converting sales page in less than a day so you can experience all of these amazing benefits.

But before I do...

Here are 4 freeing truths you’ve gotta realise

if you want to write a high-converting sales page that allows you to make sales around the clock...

Myth #1: I can just write a sales page that converts by taking a litttttle bit of inspiration from my competitor’s sales page

You could. I mean, no one’s stopping you (although I’m sure that competitor won’t be too impressed!). I understand why you might be tempted to take a sneak peek (or two) at everyone else’s sales pages… it’s because you want to get your sales page over and done with quick! But when you treat writing your sales page like ticking off a checkbox, you completely miss out on all of the parts that ACTUALLY make it convert.

Instead, what you should do is follow a proven-to-convert copywriting formula for writing your sales page and personalise every part of it to YOUR unique audience. When you take the time to do this properly, you can actually be confident your sales page copy will convert. 

Myth #2: I’m going to have to write in a pushy, manipulative way if I want to sell

Yeah that one is a BIG no from me. 

You do not have to use any of the gross flashy marketing tactics that all of the gurus preach. 

What makes conversion copywriting so effective is that it’s not false, made-up smoke-and-mirrors hoo-haa… in fact, when you do it right, it’s one part meeting your dream clients and customers where they’re at (using language and words they ACTUALLY understand and can relate to) and one part injecting your genuine personality (you’ll find no stuffy corporate lingo around here!). 

Myth #3: The ONLY way to get good copywriting is to hire a professional copywriter

Ah, nope. This is completely false. And I get to say that because I AM a professional copywriter (*wink*).

You might think you need to spend $4K+ to hire a professional copywriter, but all you need is to be your OWN copywriter. You can do this by learning to listen to your dream clients and by understanding the basic copywriting rules (something that you’ll learn alllll about in the Simple Sales Page Plug and Play that I’ll tell you about soon…).

Myth #4: You have to be an amazing writer to create copy that converts 

If I had a dollar for everrrrry time I’ve heard someone say this…….

You do NOT need to be an English major, have aced creative writing at school or even ENJOY writing to create copy that converts. In fact, the most powerful copywriting is often the most uncomplicated writing. So here’s your permission to ditch the fancy words, my friend!

Writing a high-converting sales page
is easier than you think.


...a built-in salesperson that sells your offer for you (hello, sweet Stripe notifications!)
...less DMing people back and forth for hours on end, explaining why your offer is so damn valuable
(just send them to your sales page!)

Yup, this is all possible for you, whether you’re launching your very first offer, or whether you’re launching a tried and tested offer for the fifth time! 

Who am I kidding? You already know that a high-converting sales page allows you to sell your offer on repeat!

But maybe you didn’t know that by writing a high-converting sales page using the Simple Sales Page Plug and Play I’m about to tell you about, you’ll also get to experience ALL of this...

...that follows tried and true copywriting principles. 
...that follows a set structure for writing words that convert. And...
...that’s been my secret weapon to getting sales on repeat, day in and day out! 

If you’re nodding your head behind that screen of yours, then I couldn’t be more excited to introduce you to my Simple Sales Page Plug and Play.

But they depend on taking a proven-to-convert approach

Hey, I’m Elise!

Words have always come naturally to me. So it was no surprise when I took up a journalism degree, landed on my feet in PR, and eventually started my very own copywriting business. 

While writing daily media releases and running an industry magazine was fun (most of the time!), the whole corporate boardroom thing just wasn’t for me. 

Because nothing has me doing happy dances more than when I can write words that convert my clients’ four-figure-plus offers on repeat, or when I can teach other business owners how to do it for themselves! 

Now, I can't wait to pop a bottle to your success. You ready for it?

data-driven wordsmith, new mama & avid rosé drinker ;) 

Simple Sales Page Plug and Play




...without staring at a blinking cursor for hours on end of second guessing how to structure it!

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