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hey, lady!

Ready to kick insecurity to the curb and become the confident woman you desire to be?


Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You keep getting stuck - putting your identity in everything but Jesus. But you’re ready for this to change.

  • You’re unsure of what your calling is. Is it this big thing that you’ve got to do forever or can you live it out in your every day?

  • You think you should be fearless, after all that’s what good Christian girls should be, (right?) so what do you do when you’re just afraid?

  • You’re sick of the comparison game and you just wish you could live confidently, cheering other women on and running your own race.

  • You crave genuine friends who encourage and point you towards Jesus but you don’t know where to find them. And what’s the right way to deal with toxic friends?

  • You’re tired of all the vague relationship advice and you just want to know the straight-up truth.

If any of these statements have you saying “oh yes” then keep reading - you’re in the right place. :) 

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Ready to flourish? Let me tell you all about it.

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Hey 20-something lady, I see you!

You’ve tried all the strategies and self-help methods about living with purpose but nothing seems to stick.

You’ve read all of the blog posts and watched all of the videos about your calling, relationships and comparison but you feel more confused than ever.

You know you can’t do it alone or in your own strength.

You wish someone would just take you by the hand and help you navigate all the awkward 20 something things with faith, and that you could to ask questions whenever you wanted to.

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Imagine what it’ll feel like when you’ve got the right tools to navigate your every-day life with purpose.

Imagine what it will feel like when know your identity in Christ, have clarity on your calling, are moving forward with healthy relationships, and are living a life you love.

Maybe you feel excited about your life, feel peace about your future, and trust God more than ever before.

You get to truly show up for yourself with purpose and for those around you.

And your family and friends can tell just how passionate you are too!

You’re ready to live life with purpose, but you’ve got a lot of questions!

  • “How do I start?”

  • “What if I can’t do it on my own?”

  • “This seems really hard, I don’t have a plan to follow.”

I know you’ve probably got a lot of questions. If you don’t have a plan to follow, it can be easy to make some big mistakes, get off track and never truly life a life that you love. Without guidance and support, it can be difficult to do any of this at all.

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The 6-part guided program that’ll help you navigate your awkward 20s with faith.

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"I love the Flourish program because of the resources Elise shares, that help me to focus on one particular area and study it in depth.

I recommend that other Christian ladies join Flourish to share and explore their faith with others from across the globe, in an easy-to-use online community space. It’s really helped me to focus daily and regularly use the resources to further explore the Word.”

- Kate Campbell

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See what’s inside!

Part 1: Identity

  • Where does your identity lie?

  • Your new identity in Christ

  • How your new identity changes things

Part 2: Calling

  • God’s purpose for Christians

  • God’s purpose for you

  • The keys to knowing your calling

  • Taking the next step

Part 3: Comparison

  • Starting each day in the word

  • Is social media stealing your joy?

  • Uniquely made

  • Celebrating her

Part 4: Fear + Worry

  • Fear is holding you back

  • Faith over fear: Trusting God in the unknown

  • Fight fear + worry with these three weapons

Part 5: Friendships

  • How to make new friends

  • How to grow meaningful friendships

  • 8 signs your friendship might be toxic + what to do about it

Part 6: Relationships

  • For the single lady

  • How to know if he is the one

  • How far is too far (and everything in between)

  • For the engaged lady

  • Creating a marriage you love

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And get access to these BONUS lessons…

BONUS: Faith foundations:

  • How to study the Bible

  • How to pray

  • How to create spiritual habits

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Plus join an incredible community of ladies from around the world for support + accountability.

“The one thing that I would say to another lady who is on the fence about joining Flourish - do it!

Where else do you have the incredible opportunity to connect with other women from around the world who are also walking out their faith journey? Not only do you have a wonderful group of women to engage with but you also have awesome resources at your fingertips to help you dig deeper into God’s word.”

- Heather Barlow

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Your journey to flourishing is about to begin…

Doors are closing in…


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You can complete the course lessons from the comfort of your couch or kitchen table, as long as you have an Internet connection!

The entire program is completely digital so you can access it from anywhere through our private course portal.

And you'll never miss a beat: you can go at your own pace and do the lessons on your schedule.

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There has never been a better time to start living with intention.

Why start today instead of waiting another 6 months to a year for enrollment to open again?

Starting now will allow you to:

  • Know your identity

  • Get clarity on your calling

  • Learn biblical tools to fight fear + comparison

  • Grow in healthy friendships

  • Understand God’s intention for relationships

If you wait, you’ll be in the same place you are now. 6 months from now, you’ll wish you had started today!


Flourish is for you if:

  • You’re struggling with your identity

  • You’re unassured of your calling

  • You want to break free of the comparison game

  • You struggle with fear + worry

  • You’re craving good friendships

  • You want to know how to navigate a relationship God’s way

  • You’re lacking mentorship in these areas

Flourish is not for you if:

  • You’re confident in your faith and it guides every area of your life

  • You live each day with purpose and intention

  • You know God’s peace and it guides you

  • You’re assured of your identity

  • You know your calling

  • You have healthy friendships

  • You understand how to navigate Godly relationships

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Important dates

  1. Everything inside the course is live now, so you can start going through the lessons at your own pace!

  2. Our community group is open. When you login to our course portal, you’ll see instructions for how to join our group.

  3. Elise will be sharing inside the group every Thursday via video for six weeks from Thursday, 15 August.


You can keep doing this stuff alone, trying to figure out your calling, fighting worry + comparison, and navigating the tricky world of friendships and relationships.

— OR —

You can take everything I’ve learned, rooted in the Bible, and apply it to your own life. Plus join a community of women to keep you accountable!

Think about where you want to be at the end of this year. Heck, think about where you want to be in ONE month from now.

Do you know how you’re going to get there?

If you’re ready to stop messing around with your life and start living with purpose, then Flourish will be the online program that’ll change everything for you.

It’s time for you to start living with intention NOW.

I’ll see you on the inside :)

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I don’t know if I can afford it!

Girl, believe me, I would never want you to purchase something you can’t afford. I’ve made Flourish accessible at a cheaper starting price when you choose the payment plan option.

I don’t feel confident in myself!

I hear you. That’s why I’ve created an interactive community group to support you through the content. So if you don’t believe in yourself, there’s a tribe of ladies who do!

I don’t think I have time!

Flourish is completely self-paced & you get lifetime access to everything. That means you can go through the lessons when you like wherever you like.

Your journey to flourishing is about to begin…

Doors are closing in…


Only 10 spots available…

get in quick to grab yours!

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“These women share in similar worldly struggles, doubt, and trials but being part of this community, you have women who can offer spiritual guidance, love, and accountability.

I recommend this program to all women who want to be connected to a Christ-centered, uplifting community that is God-focused and dedicated to guiding each individual woman to flourish in her faith.”

- Samantha Donnelly


I wholeheartedly believe in the Flourish course, and have many satisfied students. But I want you to feel confident in trying it out for yourself!

That's why I have a 100% Risk Free Guarantee. You can try Flourish for 30 days, and if you aren't satisfied, just ask me for a full refund by 11:59pm Eastern US Time on Monday, September, 2019.

If you do the work, put in your best effort, and feel that I haven’t delivered, I will issue a 100% refund.

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frequently asked questions

+ Can I start Flourish at a later date?

Of course. This is a self-paced program. There are no live or time sensitive elements except our live group calls, but you'll have access to the replays to watch at your convenience. You can work at your own pace and there is no set time you need to start.

+ Will I be supported?

Yes! That's why I've created our interactive community so you'll receive support and accountability from other women taking the course.

+ If I pay with the payment plan, do I still get access to everything?

Yes! Even if you choose the payment plan, you get access to EVERYTHING in the package you choose. I do not hold back content for anyone on payment plan. You get access to everything, no matter which payment plan you choose.

+ What age group is this for?

I'e specifically created this content with ages 18-30 in mind. However, the content is still relevant for ladies of all ages who struggle with identity, calling, comparison, worry, friendship & relationships.

+ Is it worth the investment?

Take a look at the testimonials to see what other ladies have to say. They've loved Flourish and I know you will too.

+ Who can I contact if I have trouble with my account or wish to get a refund?

You can send an email to hello@elisehodge.com.au and I'll get back to you ASAP.

Hey, I’m Elise!

I help young women live purpose-filled lives.

I know what it’s like to feel stressed out about your purpose and unsure of your next step. I’ve been there - feeling stuck with studies, and working a 9-5 job I didn’t love.

But when I understood that God had a greater plan for my life than I could even imagine, everything changed. I started seeking God and stepping out in faith. That’s when I found purpose.

I created this course because I’m passionate about helping you live with purpose, not just in the big things, but in your every-day life - faith, relationships, friendships and calling.

I believe you can live with intention, and I can’t wait to help you!

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"We are a group of women from all over the world getting honest & vulnerable with one another.

Sharing our struggles, everyday challenges and victories. Both big and small. Women who are just like me, who share the same fears, doubts and challenges. Women who choose to take God at His word, who choose to study and learn His word, to better themselves so that they are equipped to make a difference.”

- Barbara Harter