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How to build a business that supports your life

Here’s what I’m covering in this episode: An off-the-cuff chat about the “real life” behind building a business Mindset shifts I’ve had to tackle as I’ve grown my business How I’ve been forced to pivot and change up my schedule to suit my every-day life (as life has changed this year!)  The way I structure […]

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How Tatiana 10xd her monthly income with a team in just 30 days

Tatiana O’Hara is an Agency & Team Operations Coach that helps successful, yet overwhelmed online business owners create the structure needed for their team & daily operations, so they can focus on scaling faster. She’s helped dozens of leaders optimise their team and learn essential leadership skills that have yielded in hundreds of thousands of […]

Tatiana O'Hara

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How a gift-box business grew by 500% overnight

Kate created Afternoon Pick Me Up in 2016 when she couldn’t find a gift for her friend that would make her feel seen, loved and cherished. Since then she has taken the business full-time in 2019 and has grown to be the leading gift box business in Australia. This year has seen her business grow […]

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10 ways to position yourself as an expert

In this episode, I share 10 ways to position yourself as an expert (even if you you’re just starting out!). Whether you feel like an expert or not, you have something to offer the world! There is always someone who is a few steps behind you who would really value learning from you because you […]

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How to share your message and make an impact

If you want to know how to share your message and make an impact, you’re in the right place. Four years ago, I had a message burning on my heart that I wanted to share. I had a vision of reaching young women online with the message that they were valued and had purpose. With […]

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