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Booking 10K+ projects without feeling sleazy

Carli helps creatives book 10k+ projects without feeling like a sleaze bag or selling their soul. Here’s what we’re covering in this episode: How to book 10K+ projects without feeling like a sleaze bag or like you’re selling your soul.  What a powerful 10K offer looks like Carli’s out-of-the-box approach to marketing and how she […]

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9 steps to consider when rebranding your business

Here’s what I’m covering in this episode: The tell-tale signs you’re ready for a rebrand How to prepare for a branding photoshoot (it’s more than just booking a photographer!) How to make sure your copywriting and website design work together seamlessly!  & so much more… Want to DIY your website copy? I’ve created a free, […]

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How to do less & live more with Ashley Gartland

Small business mentor and coach Ashley Gartland helps service-based business owners and online entrepreneurs simplify and streamline their business so they can scale sustainably and build a business that makes the life they desire possible. She is also the host of the Better Than Big podcast, where she shares stories, strategies and solutions to help […]


BTS: Writing email copy for my masterclass

In this episode, I’m sharing… Exactly how I wrote the promo emails for my live masterclass The 6 things you absolutely must include in each email How to write open-worthy subject lines Connect with me: I LOVE getting to know you – DM me on Instagram Visit my website to learn more about my copywriting services Enjoy today’s […]

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How Cat grew her wholesale business 350% in a pandemic

Catherine (Cat) Hildner is the creator, designer and heart and soul behind Kitty Meow® Boutique (@kittymeowboutique). At Kitty Meow you can shop beautifully designed paper & party goodies based on your mood: WITTY (edgy, saucy, semi-inappropriate) or SWEET (thoughtful, charming, and well…sweet!) The Kitty Meow® brand is fun, FIERCE, & designed to make women feel […]


Surprise… I’m pregnant! Q&A episode

In this episode, I’m sharing… A special announcement (surprise, I’m pregnant!)  An update on how the last few months have been Answering all of your pregnancy & business questions Connect with me: I LOVE getting to know you – DM me on Instagram Visit my website to learn more about my copywriting services Enjoy today’s episode? I’d love […]

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How to build a business that supports your life

Here’s what I’m covering in this episode: An off-the-cuff chat about the “real life” behind building a business Mindset shifts I’ve had to tackle as I’ve grown my business How I’ve been forced to pivot and change up my schedule to suit my every-day life (as life has changed this year!)  The way I structure […]

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How to write personality-packed copy

Here’s what I’m covering in this episode: What brand messaging is (and why it’s important!) How to weave your personality into your copywriting How to stand out as the no. 1 choice What did you think? What was your biggest takeaway from this episode? DM me on Instagram & let me know! Connect with me: […]

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From luxury service provider to serial entrepreneur

Krystel Stacey is a mentor for Female Coaches, and an Author & Speaker Guiding women to design a life and business they love. Grab her bestseller “She Minds Her Own Business” & “OWN IT” workbook on Amazon. She is dedicated to inspiring fellow leaders and entrepreneurs by sharing her success and struggles while owning and […]


15 steps to writing a high-converting sales page

If you’ve ever created a course or some kind of digital product, you’ve probably tried your hand at writing a sales page for that offer before, my guess is that it may have gone a little bit like this: You’ve snooped around the internet to see what your competitors’ have written and how others are […]

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