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8 simple ways to improve your website copy

15 seconds. That’s all you’ve got to wow your website visitor and make them stay. That means that if you’re not capturing your dream client’s attention in an instant, you’re going to miss out on them. How can you make them stay? Well, it takes more than a few pretty pictures and great website design. […]


How to attract dream clients with Instagram

Are you ready to stand out on the ‘gram so you can finally reach your dream clients? I thought so. But here’s the thing: Selling on Instagram is so much more than posting a pretty pic with a Lightroom filter you bought from a blogger – it takes strategy. Read on for 4 tips to […]

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How to write a powerful welcome email sequence

In a world of fancy algorithms and ever-evolving social media platforms, email marketing is truly the most reliable way to reach your audience. In fact, email marketing is kinda like having VIP access to your most loyal readers. Because when you send an email, it pops up right in the palm of their hand. Pretty […]

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How to write a compelling about page

Your about page is one of the most prime pieces of real estate on your website. Why? Because your ideal customers and clients are going to head to your about page to find out more about how you can help them, and this will inform their decision on whether to purchase your services or products. […]


6 tips for writing copy that captivates

As a creative business owner, you spend a lot of your time crafting educational content for your dream customers and clients. There’s the blog posts, the Instagram captions, the email newsletters, and everything in between. With so much of your precious time going into creating content for your audience, have you ever wondered if they […]


How to share your message and make an impact

If you want to know how to share your message and make an impact, you’re in the right place. Four years ago, I had a message burning on my heart that I wanted to share. I had a vision of reaching young women online with the message that they were valued and had purpose. With […]

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14 self-care tips for the busy boss

Do you ever struggle to slow down? I sure do. I’m the kind of girl who will go, go, go until I’m exhausted and burnt out. Maybe you can relate. Maybe you stay awake until midnight studying, or constantly take your work home at the end of the day, or maybe you’re always on the […]


5 reasons why you need an Instagram theme

In late 2015, I built my Instagram account (@sheislight) from scratch. I started with ZERO connections – no Instagram followers and no blog. But within a matter of months, I launched my blog to an engaged and interested audience of 9,000 Instagram followers who were ready to read and be inspired by the content waiting […]

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How to write the perfect Instagram bio

Have you ever discovered an account on Instagram and followed it within a matter of seconds? Every now and then, I’ll come across an Instagram account and do just this. Before I’ve taken the time to scroll down the account’s feed, I’ve hit the pause button – on the bio. Why? Because it’s engaging and […]

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