From burnt out side hustler to thriving business owner |

From burnt out side hustler to thriving business owner

Teresa is a Chicago-based wedding photographer, business educator, and podcaster. She’s obsessed with helping women cut through the noise of the saturated market to quit their day job to pursue freedom, and at last do what they love every single day. You can find her sipping on her oat milk iced latte on the daily, soaking in sunshine, and dancing in her living room. She’s here to invite you to her party!

Here’s what we’re covering in this episode:

  • The tipping point that made Teresa quit her day job and jump into wedding photography full time
  • How Teresa pivoted her wedding photography business during the COVID-19 Pandemic
  • The biggest mindset shifts Teresa has had as she’s grown her business
  • How Teresa niched down to grow faster
  • How Teresa has created an amazing client experience that gets her clients referring her to other dream clients 

Connect with Teresa:

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