Connect with your ideal clients on Instagram without posting every day |

Connect with your ideal clients on Instagram without posting every day

Emily Osmond is an international marketing coach, top-ranking podcast host, speaker, interiors lover and black coffee drinker. She quit her job to go full time in her business when she was 26 years old, with a mortgage to pay and no business plan.

After what she calls a “wild ride on the entrepreneurial roller coaster of highs and lows”, she now runs a global business from her living room, hosts a podcast that is listened to in more than 70 countries, coaches hundreds of entrepreneurs inside her online programs, and loves the work that she gets to call her ‘job’.

Today, her mission is to help other women to create a business on their own terms that provides them with the income, lifestyle and freedom they desire.

Here’s what we’re covering in this episode:

  • How Emily’s business has drastically changed from year 1 to now being in year 5
  • The biggest mindset blocks that Emily has had to overcome to grow
  • 3 big mistakes you might be making with Instagram
  • Actionable ways to start attracting your ideal clients with Instagram today

Connect with Emily:

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