How Tatiana 10xd her monthly income with a team in just 30 days |

How Tatiana 10xd her monthly income with a team in just 30 days

Tatiana O’Hara is an Agency & Team Operations Coach that helps successful, yet overwhelmed online business owners create the structure needed for their team & daily operations, so they can focus on scaling faster.

She’s helped dozens of leaders optimise their team and learn essential leadership skills that have yielded in hundreds of thousands of dollars in sales growth. She’s helped many marketing agencies & VA agencies gain the structure needed to grow at exponential rates. She has also worked with business owners starting a team for the first time.

Through her signature VIP Day, Tatiana takes her clients from stressed, overwhelmed, and stuck at a plateau, to working less hours and sitting confidently in their role as the CEO of a company that scales. In just 90 days, her clients are seeing reductions in their work week as much as 20 hours! They have also been able to take on more clients, and increase monthly revenue.

When she’s not changing the lives of her clients, you can find her cheffing it up in the kitchen, watching Netflix, or going on walks with her boyfriend and Standard Poodle pup, Pluto. 

Here’s what we’re covering in this episode:

  • Tatiana’s journey from $2,000/month to $26,000/month
  • How to prepare for your first hire
  • How to figure out who the right person is to hire
  • Whether it’s best to hire a contractor or employee
  • How to know when it’s time to let someone go

Connect with Tatiana:

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