How to write a powerful welcome email sequence |

How to write a powerful welcome email sequence

In a world of fancy algorithms and ever-evolving social media platforms, email marketing is truly the most reliable way to reach your audience. In fact, email marketing is kinda like having VIP access to your most loyal readers. Because when you send an email, it pops up right in the palm of their hand. Pretty powerful stuff, huh?

And the most effective way to harness the power of email marketing is to use a welcome email sequence. Now, if your eyes just glazed over as you read those words, or if a million questions just popped into your head, sit tight. Let me explain..

What is a welcome email sequence?

A welcome email sequence (or ‘nurture sequence,’ as it’s also called) is a set of emails that are sent to new subscribers (or readers) to your email list. Your welcome email sequence is the link between new subscribers handing over their precious email addresses in exchange for your freebie, and them becoming avid readers of your weekly emails (and buyers of your products and services, woohoo!).

Think of it like this. You meet a new person at a party, and you think to yourself “I think we would be great friends.” But to become friends with that person, you first need to introduce yourself. And then you’ll probably share meaningful stories, bond over common interests, tell them about your favourite things, and ask them about theirs in return. Essentially, your welcome sequence does the same kind of thing. In your emails, you introduce yourself to your stranger subscriber, share a few stories, point to your favourite resources and tips, and invite them to share about themselves by including engaging questions.

Why do you need one?

Because a welcome email sequence builds trust, and helps your new subscriber know and like you. Without these three things, you’re not going to be able to sell the services, courses and products that you’ve worked so hard to create. Just like no-one wants to buy from a random cold-calling salesperson, no one wants to buy from a random business owner who’s popping into their inbox screaming “buy my stuff” without, at the least, a proper introduction…

Now, there’s nothing wrong with selling in email. But the truth, to sell successfully, you need to do it the right way. And that way is to build a relationship with your readers before you try to shove your product/service/course down their throat, ya hear me? 😉

Why is it so effective?

When people have just handed over their email address in exchange for your super-helpful freebie, they’re ready to learn from you! This is when they are most engaged, which means they are most likely to open your emails, click on the links to your resources, and hit reply and chat to you.

But if you don’t have a welcome email sequence, you’re missing out on engaging a new subscriber when they’re most willing to pay attention! Think about this: Why bother to create that jam-packed freebie if you’re not going to follow it up with more valuable content that serves your reader?

If you’re going to take the time to create new content to attract your audience, promote it on social media, and optimise all of your pretty pins on Pinterest, then you need to have a strategic plan of how you will nurture those precious new subscribers through the sales process to your services/products/courses. You’re a business owner, after all, and you need a water-tight plan to bring money in the bank. Your welcome email sequence is this kinda plan. 😉

Let’s dive in to the juicy stuff, shall we?

4 types of emails you must include

  1. The freebie delivery email If your new subscriber has just traded their precious email address for a freebie of yours, then you need to deliver it ASAP. The freebie should be the very first thing that hits their inbox. Most email providers will allow you to do this through an automation. In Convertkit, a ‘form’ delivers new subscribers your value-packed freebie directly to their inbox as soon as they sign up.
  2. The introduction email While this email should introduce you ever so slightly, don’t be fooled – it’s not all about you. This email should focus on your new subscriber. The best way to do this is by writing a meaningful message. You can add in a bit of humour, if that’s your style. But essentially, you want to speak to your reader’s struggles and desires (when it comes to what you offer), and remind them that they are in the right place. Close out this email with a question that invites your new reader to reply. This sets the tone that you’re approachable, and that you want to truly help your subscriber.
  3. The credibility-builder email This is where you position yourself as the expert your new subscriber needs. Now, this isn’t the place to ramble on about your degree, qualifications or work experience (this isn’t a resume, my friend!). Instead, you want to tell your ‘hero’ or ‘transformation’ story. This is the story of where you used to be and how you got to where you are now. The best thing about a hero story is that it shows your new subscriber that the transformation you experienced is totally achievable for them! If you said “I went to journalism school and got a degree, and now I’m a successful writer,” that’s probably not going to be relatable to 99% of your audience. But if you said “I worked in corporate PR, and it was the most soul-sucking experience. When some of my friends who run their own businesses asked me to help them write blogs for their websites, I realised there was something in this. So, I started my own website. Over time, I built up enough business that I was able to replace my full-time income and say goodbye to corporate PR forever!” See how the second story is a whole lot more engaging (and relatable) than the simple “I’ve got a degree” statement? That’s the power storytelling! And you should make the most of it in this email. You can also use this email to point to some of your favourite free resources or blog posts. This gives your reader the opportunity to see your credibility in action.
  4. The value-add email I know you know your stuff. But your reader may not be convinced… yet. This email gives you the opportunity to share a hot tip with your reader. Ideally, this should be a piece of advice that’s relatively foundational or entry-level to working with you. Think about the very first thing your reader needs to know to be able to have success in what you have to offer. For example, my tip is about knowing your reader. Because when you know who your reader is and what they struggle with, you can write copy that speaks straight to their heart, and engages them! What is that #1 tip for you?
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But hold on – where do you set up your welcome sequence?

There are so many different email providers out there. While I can’t vouch for all of them, I can share my experiences with the two that I’ve personally used – Mailchimp and Convertkit. When I first started my email list in 2015, I opened a Mailchimp account. It was a great option, because I was able to get a free account for the first 1,000 subscribers, or so. And it enabled me to send out a weekly email newsletter.

When I started moving away from just a ‘blog’ to a ‘business’ with courses and services, I decided I needed to take my email marketing to the next level. That’s when I made the investment in Convertkit. I opened my account in August, 2016, and since then, I’ve never looked back! There are so many good things about Convertkit, but a couple of my favourite features are that it allows me to segment my email list, and it allows me to tag subscribers.

OK, that’s the roundup of my favourite tips to help you create a powerful welcome email sequence! I hope you’re rearing and ready to write yours! To help you get started, I’ve created a free welcome email template that’ll help you put together your first email in 15 minutes. Seriously, it’s so easy.

Set up your first welcome email with my free template.

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