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5 reasons why you need an Instagram theme

In late 2015, I built my Instagram account (@sheislight) from scratch. I started with ZERO connections – no Instagram followers and no blog.

But within a matter of months, I launched my blog to an engaged and interested audience of 9,000 Instagram followers who were ready to read and be inspired by the content waiting for them online.

And that audience? Today, it’s made up of well over 27,000 engaged followers, and it continues to grow by the hundred each and every day.

One of the key reasons I’ve been able to attract so many wonderful followers is that I created a strategic theme for my feed – one that drew my target audience in, had them clicking that ‘follow’ button and sticking around for more content.

And I want to help you do this as well!

Now you’ve heard a bit about my personal experience with creating an Instagram theme. But I want to lay it out plain and simple for you. That’s why I’m going to share 5 reasons why you need to have an Instagram theme.

Let’s get into it!

1. You will have a guide of what to post!

By sticking to an Instagram theme, you won’t be scratching your head wondering:

  • What types of images to post
  • How to take your photos
  • How to edit your photos
  • What order to post your photos in
  • Or when to post

Because you’ll take and post photos that fit within your Instagram theme guidelines – your image style, colours and editing style, and theme pattern.

Once you’ve decided on your theme, all you have to is simply follow the pattern!

2. You’re able to tell a story

If you are thinking of your Instagram account as a single picture followed by another picture followed by another picture, then it’s time you changed your thinking.

You need to think of each single picture as a part of the BIGGER picture (your feed) that tells a STORY + NARRATIVE.

For example, you might be a travel blogger. Your story is about your travel adventures.

So if you have an Instagram theme, your followers should be able to go to your account and see pictures of your travels in an aesthetically pleasing style that makes them want to click ‘follow’. Take the following accounts, for example:

But your audience wouldn’t expect to see pictures of your cat, or your new kitchen renovation or your brand new car.

When you start thinking of each post as a puzzle piece in the puzzle then you will be able to tell a story.

Your dream audience are much more likely to follow you and stick with you if you’re telling a clear story with your posts. They will scroll back through your past posts (to find out more), and will anticipate every new post you share!

When you tell a consistent, clear story with your Instagram account, the audience who follows you knows what to expect, and…

3. People will click the follow button

Have you ever clicked ‘follow’ on an account within seconds of seeing it? I sure have!

Why? Because the first six to nine photos were BEAUTIFUL, and they drew me in – I simply had to follow!

Take these accounts, for example:

Each of these accounts has a very clear theme. Don’t they want to make you click ‘follow’ straight away?

Likewise, your theme will either have your target audience following you within seconds, or will have them clicking straight off your page.

You only have a few precious seconds to draw people in with your bio and great visuals. So you need to make sure your account is attractive!

4. Your engagement will increase

Simply put: when you have an audience who loves and anticipates your content, they’re going to pay close attention to it, and engage with you! They’ll like your posts, and they’ll talk back to you! When you ask a question in your caption, your audience will respond.

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