Hey! I see you.

  • You don't have a clear message on Instagram
  • You're not sure who you're speaking to.
  • You don't know what to say, or when to say it.
  • You're posting and just hoping for the best.
  • You don't know how to effectively theme your account to tell your story.
  • You're frustrated by your lack of growth.
  • You feel uninspired & ready to give up.

It's time for that to change.

You know Instagram is a powerful tool to get your blog, brand or business in front of the right audience, but you just don't know where to start.

During our 2 x 45 minute sessions together, I'll help you clarify your message, pinpoint your audience and define content so you can make a big impact using Instagram.

I will personally analyse your account and give you strategic advice on:

  • Defining your purpose on Instagram
  • Pinpointing your audience + how to speak to them
  • Improving your Instagram theme
  • Choosing the right hashtags for your account
  • Growth tips tailored to your account
  • and more!

You can ask any Instagram-related questions you like!

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Hey! I'm Elise, & I'm obsessed with Instagram.

I built my network from scratch using Instagram. I've attracted 40K+ people combined to my Instagram accounts.

Instagram has enabled me to share my message and make a big impact.

I've worked with bloggers, coaches & business owners to grow their impact and influence on Instagram (so they can attract their dream audience, sell their products + attract new clients), and I can't wait to help you!



"I have known Elise since the beginning when @sheislight only had 100 followers! Since her early days on Instagram, Elise has always grown by the HUNDREDS weekly and even more monthly! It was always so encouraging to watch as an outside perspective because she truly knows what she is doing"

- Carly Hartman, Founder of Picks With Purpose, Pageant 360


"It's been amazing to see Elise literally flourish on Instagram! I have seen her She is Light account since the beginning stages and I'm blown away at the large following she has created. Not only have I seen her following organically grow but I'm amazed at how she's been able to create such a authentic and intimate community online!"

- Mandy Kota, Twnty Something

When you book an Instagram clarity package, you'll get help with:

  • Defining your Instagram purpose
  • Improving your Instagram theme
  • Choosing the right hashtags for your account
  • Growth tips tailored to your account
  • and more!

You'll be guided step by step by someone who has successfully grown multiple Instagram accounts.