Should you combine professional and personal photos on Instagram?

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There's one question that I see pop up time and time again in Facebook groups and forums all the time:

Should I combine my personal Instagram account with my professional Instagram account?

I hate to break it to you - but there really isn’t a clear answer!

There are are pros and cons of each option - and the final decision will depend on your personal circumstance, and what your audience expects from you!

On one hand, your personal photos may be completely unrelated to your brand - the one you’ve worked so hard on to attract your target audience.

You may have spent hours upon hours developing your brand style (soft pink and gold, anyone?) and your bright and bold personal photos just may not fit in! Yup, the hard truth is that photos from our daily life - photos of food, coffee, the park, the kids, just may not fit into the slick brand we’ve created.

In this case, having a combined business and personal account could be really confusing and all over the place, leaving people to wonder ‘what’s this account all about anyway?’ And this could greatly hinder your account growth. So you might want to think about starting a completely new account for your brand or biz. This new account would allow you to focus completely on what your target audience wants to see. You should still upload the occasional ‘personal’ photo introducing yourself to your audience but you’ll be able to keep this account totally professional.

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But have you heard the phrase ‘you are your brand’?

Yup. If done well, your brand should be a reflection of who you are, and what you love. And more often than not, you’ll be trying to attract an audience that is much like yourself! So if you’re a mum blogger, you’ll be wanting to get mums following, or if you’re a photograpaher posting shots of recent shoots + introducing yourself here and there, then you’re trying to attract your next client.

Put it this way - if your Instagram account is filled with images of your family then you may want to choose to keep this account ‘private’. BUT if family is a part of your brand, your blog, and something that your target audience expects to see, then you may want to think about using this account to amplify your brand!

Sometimes it will seem natural to combine business and personal. But remember one of the main drivers behind what you’re doing - earning a living! Keeping this in mind, you’ll probably want to cater more for business than personal - because business is what will generate leads and make you your next sale or get you your next client!

By sharing bits and pieces of your personal life here and there, you can build a stronger relationship with your audience.

This is something I do with my Instagram community @sheislight, and it’s proved to work really nicely. I post about the content on the blog, as well as post inspirational quotes and messaging, but every so often I include a photo of myself and tell the audience about myself. It’s also a great opportunity to get to know my following better (a big tick for market research!).

In conclusion, every circumstance is different, every brand is different and every person is different!

Whatever approach you take, there’s no doubt that branding is essential to business success.

So tell me, what’s your approach? Do you combine your brand and personal life into one account, or do you separate these parts of your life? Comment and let me know!

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